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How to take the perfect picture? Easy, use an LED Ring Light!

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These days there are two types of people on social media: The ones who rarely post selfies, and the ones who post selfies almost every single day. If you are the type who posts a selfie as often as possible, you are not alone. And you’re probably looking for the best way to take a selfie so that you get the most likes, luckily for you I have the answer you have been looking for right here. You need an LED Ring Light, because they are incredible. One of the best is the Neewer Ring light, they have a quite extensive video channel for it and its readily available on Amazon.com


First, let’s talk about what an LED ring light is. If you are familiar with the beauty community on social media, you probably see how lit up and professional their photos look when they post them. This is because those people are using an LED ring light to give a professional look to all of their photos so that they don’t have to use as many filters.


Should you be using an LED Ring Light? You should use a ring light if you also want to post pictures that look professionally taken. The light provides just enough brightness without whiting out the face unlike most other lights that you buy for pictures or videos. The ring light will specifically focus on the outer areas of the photo, leaving the center untouched and natural.


What kind of Ring Light should you get? There are multiple kinds of ring lights available but they all get the job done all the same. Which ring light you decide to get can be completely up to you as there isn’t much difference between them except for their sizes. If you are looking to light up a larger area you should get a standing ring light in a larger size so that the entire canvas is lit up. If you are just looking for a light for your make up area, a small desk ring light will work just fine. Or, if you want something a bit more portable, there are phone attachment ring lights that you can also get. The choice is up to you.


Now, for the part you have been waiting for. The perfect selfie with a ring light is not hard to accomplish. All that you have to do is find the pose and angle that you want the photo to have, set your ring light behind your phone and make sure you hold your phone at a lower angle of the ring light so that there isn’t a shadow and you are set.


If you are using a phone attachment then taking the photo will be even easier as all that you have to do is find the pose you want and take the picture. Nothing more to it than that.


Now you know about one of the biggest secrets in the beauty community. Get out there and start taking those photos for social media. You will get more likes in no time and soon you will have more followers than you will know what to do with.

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