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Push your beauty or fashion site to the top of Google

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Since the inception of the SEO, backlinks have always been the gateway to get your website rank top and get more traffic coming your way. But what exactly are these backlinks? Well, for a start, backlinks are created when a single website links to another? How does a website link to another, you may ask? It’s merely getting the URL extractor to extract some links from the webpage using a unique source code. Backlinks, sometimes referred to as inbound links or incoming links, are very vital to SEO. Simply put, backlinks to your website are enough proof to search engines that other people or sites have confidence in your content.

So, which are these to backlinks you need to get for your site?

Well, let’s find out.

Guest Posts

Is there a better feeling for a writer than a byline? Not even a bar of chocolate comes close.

Imagine waking up to a top-ranking website, having published your work. And the fuzzier feeling comes when at the end of your priceless content comes to this byline- by James Daniel. But what’s more- your blog and name feature in one of the most prestigious websites. It can’t get better than that, can it?

Now, what you’ve read above is what guest blogging entails.

However, apart from the fame and reputation that comes with your content and name featuring in top sites, you can also use it for link building.

Guest blogging isn’t just about getting backlinks. It presents an opportunity to tap on a new audience, reach out to other subscribers, and strengthen relationships with other niche influencers.

The most important thing you need to know is why you want to do a guest post. Whether it is to reach a new audience or build your network, it is vital to ascertain your purpose early enough.

Also make sure to write entailing outreach emails to score high quality links. Tips can be found on youtube:

Link Insertions

By inserting links to your site, adding relevant links to the content you are already working on. The only difference is that the link comes from another different website. But most importantly, you need to know that the links you insert in your work must come out as naturally as possible.

The anchor texts must not appear to be forced within the content. Otherwise, you might be courting problems with the search engine algorithmic.

Link insertions is a faster way to create instant links and connection between two different websites. And it doesn’t require so much work and many procedures as guest blogging. You need to insert links, or the anchor texts, in between lines of the per-existing content.

Private Blog Networks

If you are a grey hat SEO, with the dream of building one of the most reputable websites, then a PBN is the gateway to your SEO success.

However, the biggest question remains whether PBNs are cost-effective and worth building from a Return on Investment.

If you are in a hurry to boost your SEO rankings for financial gains, then the PBNs are your ideal choice.

However, they are way too expensive and sometimes come when already expired.

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