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TV Analysis: Black Mirror and Twilight Zone

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If you find yourself scrolling through the different cable stations then chances are you will likely see a marathon or a repeat of The Twilight Zoneepisodes. Airingfrom 1959 to 1964, thisblack-and-white series has had a lasting and significant impact not only on television as a whole but also on thescience fiction genre as well. It was ahead of its time, dealing with questions about the future while still striking a nerve with the real life fears of the time.

Decades would pass and only a few shows would even come close to the standard the original Twilight Zone has set. 2011, however, saw the arrival of its spiritual successor in the form of Black Mirror.It is definitely one of the few television productions which can truly rivalthe legendary series.

Both shows challenge the viewer’s imagination in such a way that only the greatest pieces of art could. The episodic format which highlights specificvisions of the future never lacks a strong message. Both these shows are well aware of the vital component of any compelling sci-fi. They both go beyond mere action. Rather, they show us something that scary yet is truly feasible.

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